Paralio Astros is built amfitheatrical on the side of a hill and alength of a coast, it has great island colour and traditional houses.

In front of it, extends an extensive and beautiful coast. The last years the settlement experiences remarkable tourist and construction development. In summer liveliness is very bustle.

Paralio Astros is the most important summer resort of Arcadia. It is at a distance of 4 km from Mesogeio Astros, 45 km from Tripolis and 150 km from Athens.

Paralio Astros is placed on the area of a peninsula, which has the shape of a star and which locals call "island" or "nisi". The large village owes its naming to this shape.

The peninsula is composed of a short rise on the top of which a medieval castle dominates over the harbour. From there the view is extraordinary.

The "island"-"nisi" is the most picturesque part of the large village.